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What is the climate like in the United Arab Emirates?

What is the climate like in the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE has a unique ability to surprise people. It doesn’t matter for what purpose a person flies to this country, but one thing is clear – he wants to get to know this place of contrasts, where you can see unique skyscrapers and hotels with an incredible design, and hear the sound of construction in the middle of an empty road very close by.

It has its own atmosphere, because once the emirates were just a desert, and now it is a developing and dynamic metropolis, and having a house in the UAE is an indicator of prestige and success.

Climate and weather

Asking a question about the climate in the United Arab Emirates, it is worth understanding that the desert also affects it. In the desert in winter, the nights are cooler, and in summer it is not so humid there - it turns out that the UAE has a dry subtropical and desert climate.

The territory of the country is not so huge, so the climate is plus or minus the same everywhere. Summer is perhaps the hottest period in the UAE, which is hard to bear even by locals who are accustomed to it, due to high humidity. But not so hard that it comes down to selling a townhouse in the UAE and wanting to leave the country. However, if we discard the summer, then in general the climate in the emirates is quite comfortable.

Best time to travel

The UAE consists of 7 emirates:

  • Umm Al Qaiwain
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Fujairah
  • Sharjah
  • Ajman
  • Dubai

We brought this up because everyone mostly knows about Dubai, although other emirates underestimate - there are lower prices, and at the same time there are many entertainments, attractions and excursions.

If you focus on the climate in the emirates, it is best to come here in spring or winter. The temperature is pleasant (about +20), the sea is not too cold, and the sun can be felt, but at the same time it does not burn you with its rays. Prices for tours during this period may rise, as this is the high tourist season, but you can enjoy the emirates to the full without the scorching sun and crowds of tourists.

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