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What clothes to take to the emirates

What clothes to take to the emirates

When visiting the UAE for the first time, tourists may be a little confused and dismayed by how strict the dress code is in the country.

Visitors are interested in what to wear in the UAE and what to pack in a suitcase, given that the weather in Dubai can be very hot in summer. While the UAE is an Islamic country, Dubai is surprisingly modern, multicultural and trendy. Over 70% of the population are expatriates and Western culture is prevalent, but the locals are always dressed modestly. It is an expensive country with high security, huge potential and excellent investment opportunities. While some are choosing sunblock and looking for the best hotel for their vacation, others are evaluating the profitability of buying a penthouse in the UAE and planning to make money on renting out.

What to wear in Dubai

When trying to figure out what to bring with you from clothes to the Emirates, it is important to say the following: Dubai is a modern city in the UAE. Dubai's traditional clothing is modest, classic and beautiful, while modern versions can also be trendy. But the tourist does not need to wear traditional clothes. It is the most modern, cosmopolitan and up-and-coming city in the Middle East, and loyalty to the appearance of tourists is one of the foundations of Emirati society and culture.

The only thing that is expected of tourists is to treat others with respect. Women can wear summer dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and tops, jeans, leggings and even shorts. Men can wear shirts, t-shirts, shorts, trousers and jeans. Western international clothing is quite acceptable. You are allowed to wear your own national costumes, provided they are modest. In the country, you can meet many representatives of different countries in their national clothes, such as saris and salwar kameez.

Climate features

A tourist who contacts the best luxury real estate agency always learns firsthand that in summer the heat levels can rise to incredible temperatures, and on some summer days in Dubai, the humidity is up to 90%. Here are some tips on how to dress in the UAE in summer:

  • It is important to pack in a suitcase clothes made of light and “blown” fabrics that do not stick to the skin and allow you to breathe. Cotton - it is a really good variant for hot days, while light colors absorb less heat when a person is outside.
  • Women must wear shorts, T-shirts, tops and shirts, summer dresses, maxi and midi skirts.
  • You can wear culottes and palazzo pants in bright summer prints or neutral colors. Tight pants should not be worn, so as not to be hot.
  • To dress modestly or a little more conservatively, consider maxi dresses, skirts, culottes, and short-sleeved tops. We must not forget about swimwear, so you can definitely swim on the beach or in the hotel pool on hot summer days.
  • In the summer, men should pack T-shirts and shorts for the trip, and take shirts and trousers with them to go to a trendy restaurant or bar.
  • It is almost always cold indoors due to air conditioning, whether in shopping malls, offices, bars and restaurants. Therefore, an extra cardigan, sweatshirt or jacket will not harm.

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