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What can you do in the United Arab Emirates?

What can you do in the United Arab Emirates?

Sun, sea, beach, shining facades of skyscrapers, luxurious hotels and restaurants, chic view of Palm Jumeirah Island from the windows of a duplex in the UAE - the thought of that you can work in such an environment intoxicates anyone.

The idea of combining leisure and work seems the most tempting, but fatigue and stress has not been canceled, so if you think about what you can work in the Emirates, then be aware that in spite of the resort atmosphere, you will have to sweat a lot, especially if you get into the service sector.

Where can you get in?

Since tourism is still thriving in the UAE, of course the service and maintenance sector is always at its peak. New people are always looking here, as new hotels, cafes, beauty salons and so on open every day. Vacancies for a bartender, waiter, receptionist, realtor selling a loft in the Arab Emirates, sales assistant are most often found on job search sites and newcomers with a good conversational level of English and at least minimal experience in the service sector may well apply for them.

Many are also interested in what you can work in the Arab Emirates, having a high position. In fact, the high level of English and professionalism will allow you to continue what you were doing before, despite the fact that you will be considered as visitors. You can even get into the IT field, you just need to keep a close eye on job openings.

How can i find a job in UAE?

You can start with recruitment agencies. They will tell you what professions are the most popular, advise about the salaries and conditions of obtaining a visa. Agency services are paid, you can choose the one that suits you financially.

The most popular agencies are:

  • Global Vision;
  • Work Emirates;
  • Perun;
  • Jetexpo.

Independent search also remains relevant. Look for vacancies on different profile resources - it all depends on who to work for in the emirates, and what area you are interested in. Pay attention to vacancies not only in Dubai, but also in other emirates.

The most popular sites are:

  • Bayt;
  • LinkedIn;
  • GulfTalent;
  • Indeed.

You can work in the UAE with a work visa, but you can also look for work and go to interviews as a "tourist". If you find yourself in a good company, the employer will be your sponsor, and the firm will take care of all costs associated with the registration of work and residency visa.

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