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When was the UAE founded and how old is it?

When was the UAE founded and how old is it?

The UAE is a young federation that appeared in December 1971. Their path is contrasting and conveys how the UAE has rapidly developed, turning into a growing metropolis.

At first there were six emirates:

  • Dubai
  • Umm Al Quwain
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah
  • Fujairah
  • Ajman

A year later, another emirate was added to the list - Ras al Khaimah. Thus, if we talk about how old the Arab Emirates are, then the UAE has existed for almost 50 years, destroying all stereotypes about young states.

It all started in the desert...

Previously, local residents lived in the desert and their main occupation was the camel trade. While most countries developed and built their way of life, a completely different atmosphere reigned here - Bedouins suffering from the heat and trying to find some food. Looking back at what it was and how many years the United Arab Emirates has been moving towards what it is now, one conclusion can be drawn - this is a country with its own core and it became successful not only thanks to oil reserves, but also due to the correct policy on the part of the authorities.

By the way, in the old days, when oil was not yet the main source, the Arabs survived through the pearl trade. Approximately 97% of the proceeds to the treasury came from the sale of pearls. There was no talk of any villa in the UAE. But after two wars, it became impossible to make money selling pearls. As you can see, no matter how many years the United Arab Emirates will need to bypass other countries, they are moving along their own path, which makes the UAE a truly unique state.

Facts about Dubai

1.In the UAE, the weekend does not start on Saturday, but on Thursday afternoon and last until the end of Friday. Saturday is considered the beginning of the working week.

2. Are you an Israeli visa holder? Then you will not be allowed into the territory of the emirates. You will have to make another passport.

3. About 90% of the people living in Dubai are expats and not locals.

4. For an indecent gesture, you can be imprisoned or fined.

5. The subway has separate carriages for women, and the buses have separate sections.

Take a look at the emirates: how many years did it take the UAE to become such a powerful state? Only 50. Now the emirates are considered one of the best places to relax, where it is always safe and comfortable, and the sale of real estate in the United Arab Emirates is an indicator of success and a business that attracts experienced investors.

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