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When is the cheapest time to fly to the Emirates?

When is the cheapest time to fly to the Emirates?

The Emirates will make you fall in love with yourself no matter what season you come. But if you want to make your stay in the country as comfortable as possible in terms of temperature, number of tourists, the perfect beach holiday, check into the best loft in the UAE and at the same time get to the period when it is cheapest to fly to the emirates, then it is better to purposefully choose tours in the appropriate season.

When is the best time to visit the UAE?

For those who can`t stand the hot sun, it`s better to go to the emirates in the so-called high season - the period from October to April. Some even divide it into two seasons, believing that it`s better to skip January and February, and they advise to rest in the UAE from October to December and from March to April.

It’s just that in winter, rains become a frequent occurrence in Dubai, and daylight hours decrease, which takes away the opportunity to enjoy hiking or going on excursions. Therefore, despite the fact that winter is exactly the time when it is cheap to fly to the emirates, think about the possible nuances with the weather and whether they will interfere with you. But the sale of a duplex in Dubai / UAE will definitely not hurt anything, so if you are interested in buying a property, then write to us.

In the summer, some pitfalls also emerge. No one says that you will not survive in the UAE during the summer, but be aware that you will face the following points:

  • heat that can reach 50°C and the sea warming up to +33°C;
  • a number of restrictions due to Ramadan (July-August). You will not encounter any inhuman rules, but you will have to follow some of them, especially those related to clothing and behavior in public places. Sometimes it is cheaper to rest in the emirates during these months, as travel agencies take Ramadan into account and understand that you will encounter some discomfort;
  • sand storms. Of course, they don't happen every day, but in the middle of summer, the wind with sand loves to
  • break into the emirates.

How to save?

Even in a place like the UAE, you can save money. You just need to be aware of small life hacks and loopholes. For example, don`t rush to take a taxi. Transport in Dubai functions flawlessly. The metro will take you to the main areas and objects, so it is cheaper to go to the emirates and travel exclusively by public transport.

Take advantage of discount vouchers from The Entertainer Book. The cost of such a book is about $ 100, but vouchers will allow you to visit a huge number of tourist sites. Go on a free tour. There are such in every emirate. They are held in English and last 2 hours. There are also trips to popular attractions that reveal the history of the country. There are different seasons and different time periods when it is cheaper to fly to the emirates, but this still does not prevent you from getting excited about your stay in this country of the future and recharge your batteries from skyscrapers looking at the sky and captivating the spirit of deserts.

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