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When to go to the Emirates?

When to go to the Emirates?

The summer season is the time when everyone takes vacations and goes to rest. But if you can go to some countries in the summer, then in the UAE, summer is considered not the best period for relaxing due to the intense heat and the scorching sun.

And we are not talking about +30°C, but about +60°C. Therefore, when thinking about the best time to go on vacation to the emirates, be guided by the fact that there is a low and high season for tourists, and that not in all seasons you will be able to enjoy hiking and excursions.

What is the climate like in the UAE?

Most of the time it's always warm in the UAE, as the country is located in the subtropical climate zone. In winter, a comfortable temperature is kept at 23°-25°C, but in summer it can rise to 50-60°C. Just imagine what it's like to be on the beach when the beach season begins in the emirates and everyone wants to soak up the sun by the sea. Therefore, it is better to buy a duplex in the United Arab Emirates and hide from the heat on your own terrace with a swimming pool.

Public transport stops are air-conditioned everywhere so that people can stand for a few minutes between the cold air currents and exhale. Local residents often leave the country in the summer, as in addition to the heat, desert storms also occur. This is another argument in favor of the fact that it is better to travel to the emirates not in the summer.

As for winter holidays, as we have already said, this is the most ideal period - you can sunbathe and not use sunscreen and even swim. The water is not icy, but not super warm either. And as a bonus, you get a New Year's atmosphere around you, because every emirate is decorated for the holidays, and Christmas markets are held.

What to do in winter in the UAE?

What the UAE appreciates most is its contrast – you seem to be in the middle of the desert, but you can still do winter sports and see the snow. Impressive, right? A rather tempting prospect is to relax in the emirates and at the same time get several times of the city in one bottle at once. By the way, this moment attracts many investors, because they understand that it affects the profitability of buying a loft in Dubai, which means buying real estate in the UAE is becoming a promising scenario.

So, what winter activities are worth trying?

  • Camping. It can be desert, mountains or coast. For example, tourists often choose Fujairah Beach. This is the perfect place for camping. Just imagine - you pitched a tent near the water and listen to the sound of the waves, and around the sand and picturesque views.
  • Skiing. Head to Ski Dubai Snow Park for snowboarding and skiing. But don`t forget to bring gloves and a hat when you go to rest in the emirates, because you will find yourself in a real winter.
  • New Year's parties. Dubai hosts truly large-scale celebrations that you will remember for a lifetime. Celebrate the New Year at the top of the Burj Khalifa, where fireworks will be launched or at the chic Atlantis The Palm hotel? Easily. Everything is possible here!

And in autumn, and in winter, and in summer, and in spring, the UAE remains the same progressive and able to offer you a lot of options for recreation and entertainment. Starting from when the season is in the emirates is only for those who cannot stand the heat. In other cases, you still won't lose and enjoy your vacation to the maximum! And of course, look at the prices. Depending on the season, you can get both cheap tours and tours at exorbitant prices. Therefore, when planning when to go on vacation to the United Arab Emirates, think about it too.

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