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When can I fly to the Emirates

When can I fly to the Emirates

The UAE is wonderful to visit at any time of the year. In summer, spring, winter or autumn, there is always something to do here even for the most demanding tourist who will not forgive himself for boring leisure.

Here you can always rent the best apartments in Dubai/UAE to go to the sea during great weather, spend time in air-conditioned cinemas while it's hot or raining outside, or go on excursions while the sand is still wet.

Features of weather conditions in the UAE

Experienced travelers want to plan everything in advance so that the trip is perfect and does not bring any surprises. A million questions pop up in the head of a tourist: is it possible to go on vacation to the emirates in winter, or is it better to wait for spring? Or maybe the rainy season will start abruptly and it is better to wait for the summer? But isn't it too hot in summer?

Travelers say that the best time to travel around the UAE for the purpose of tourism is from mid-autumn to late winter. The temperature at this time is relatively friendly. Despite the slight coolness, in order to feel comfortable, it is enough to take a jacket or sweater with you and feel free to go on an excursion. June, July, August and September are ideal for shopping as wet weather, heavy rains and constant sales motivate travelers to spend more time in the mall or visit a real estate agency in Dubai to get a home and have their own nook for all weather conditions. conditions. Beach holidays can be planned for October, March or April. This is exactly the time when warm air gently envelops the body, but at the same time does not “melt” a person like deep-fried chocolate.

When to come to the capital?

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is from April to May or September to October. This is the period of time when you can fly to the emirates and not worry that the weather conditions will deteriorate sharply. The spring and autumn seasons provide the traveler with pleasant weather, ensure that there are no crowds of tourists and offer reasonable hotel prices.

The time from December to March is the peak season in Abu Dhabi, when business travelers use all the taxis and check into all the hotel rooms in the city, and tourists run to the beach. To find the best prices for yourself, you need to know that summer is the best season: the city is practically free from tourists, but the extreme heat and suffocating humidity will make any outdoor trip a terrible one.

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