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When to go to the Emirates

When to go to the Emirates

A long-awaited trip to a beautiful Arab country can be spoiled if you do not know in advance when to go on vacation to the emirates and when the weather is most favorable for tourism.

Round-the-clock rain or endless heat make tourists “hide” from the weather. They no longer think about relaxing, walking to the beach, visiting the Isle of Palms, Burj Khalifa, but are looking for how to buy an apartment in Dubai with air conditioning in order to sit indoors and not take risks once again.

Entertainment for every taste

The peak tourist season is from December to March, when lots of onlookers walk around the luxurious emirate of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, look at skyscrapers, visit restaurants, bars, real estate agencies in Dubai and make profitable deals. Although all corners of the UAE experience hot and dry weather for most of the year, temperatures drop during the winter months.

The best time to visit the UAE is considered to be the period from late autumn to early spring, when the weather is not very hot and not very humid, which makes the country attractive for tourists who want to see the sights and plan their trips, hiking. In fact, it cannot be called winter, as the temperature rarely drops below 12°C. More like European autumn. This is the answer to the question of when to go to the emirates if a person likes walking and street entertainment.

Types of seasons in the emirates

1. Summer season. Summer in the UAE is quite hot and extremely humid, it seems that there is no oxygen in the air, and the lungs are always filled with heaviness. The temperature sometimes rises above 55°C, making it impossible to leave the air-conditioned room. Summer is definitely not the best season to visit the UAE, especially if one is going to see the sights and enjoy the rest to the fullest. There is no rain in summer, and therefore the weather is even hotter. It seems that the asphalt just melts underfoot. At night it gets cooler when the desert winds blow, but during the day it is very dusty and hot, which can really disappoint and ruin the trip.

2. Monsoon season in the United Arab Emirates. Precipitation is rare at best and occasionally occurs during the winter months. It usually rains short, but very massive and violent, from December to March. Even discounts in hotels and discounts on excursion packages are very impressive. If a person decides to visit the UAE during these months, you should definitely agree on a good price and first-class hotels. This is a great option - to go on vacation to the emirates when there is little money.

3. Winter season in the United Arab Emirates. Winter in the UAE lasts from December to February and is the only time of the year when tourists and locals can breathe a sigh of relief when leaving their homes. The daytime temperature stays around 21°C while at night it drops to almost 12°C, which is as cold as in the UAE. This is a great time period to visit the country. Since it is in winter, there are many entertainments for visitors and locals. For example, trade festivals, fairs and sales attract people. Moreover, for lovers of the exotic, the opportunity to celebrate the New Year not with champagne, tangerines and olive oil under the tree, but to go on a trip to a warm country is a great option to change the situation.

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