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When will the UAE borders open?

When will the UAE borders open?

Advanced travelers who want to plan their holidays in advance are already wondering today: when will the borders with the emirates open and it will be possible to start packing backpacks?

Quarantine restrictions, emigration, Covid-19, the pandemic and hostilities are making travel adjustments. But as of today, the situation has become more stable and predictable. Now residents of different states can visit the state with great comfort and a minimum of difficulties. Regardless of what they are interested in: medical care, selling an apartment in Dubai / UAE, entertainment, outdoor activities, investing or visiting cultural and historical places. Emirates Airlines recommend visiting their official website more often to keep track of up-to-date information and keep abreast of the life of the Arab country.

The COVID-19 pandemic is behind us

Regardless of whether a person has arrived in the country for transit or wants to continue his stay in the state, he is always welcome in the UAE. Therefore, those tourists who are sitting on their suitcases and waiting for the borders in the emirates to open can go on a trip today. Under the current law, it is no longer necessary to have a COVID‑19 vaccination certificate when traveling to the UAE. No masks or personal protective equipment is required. The main thing that should not be forgotten is the rules of other countries where a person travels. If a tourist is “passing through” in the UAE, he should clarify information about the situation with coronavirus in the state where he is going.

Then, when the borders in the emirates were opened, all the rules related to PCR tests and vaccination certificates were annulled. But at the same time visa conditions were preserved. Depending on which country a person is a resident of, he needs to understand in advance whether he needs a visa and get it upon arrival at the airport.

Emirates “in touch”

Since not every person who comes to the country is aimed at relaxing or visiting cultural and historical places, he can solve most of the issues online. For example, UAE real estate websites, online services, delivery services allow you to send documents and order a service remotely without leaving your country. This is a great option for those who want to play it safe and protect their health and refrain from visiting crowded places.

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