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When is Ramadan in the Emirates?

When is Ramadan in the Emirates?

Many tourists visiting Arab countries are aware of how important religion and faith play in the life of the locals. In order for people to pray, there are even special places at airports.

Friday afternoon is also considered a day off so that people can reunite with God. Travelers who want to get to know Muslim traditions better are interested in when Ramadan starts in the Emirates, what it means for the population and for visitors. Does a medical institution, private beaches, restaurants, kindergartens, amusement parks and attractions, a real estate agency in the United Arab Emirates, beauty salons and other establishments work during this time period.

When does Ramadan start and end?

It is known that the dates of Ramadan change every year. Therefore, it is worth looking at the time periods of past and future years in order to form a complete picture. Looking at the actual year, the Islamic year, and the start/end dates of Ramadan:

  • 2020 (1441): April 23 - May 23.
  • 2021 (1442): April 13 - May 12.
  • 2022 (1443): April 2 - May 1.
  • 2023 (1444): March 22 - April 21.
  • 2024 (1445): March 10 - April 9.

It depends on the lunar calendar when Ramadan is in the United Arab Emirates, and therefore the changes can take effect even on the very last day. As a rule, weekends in the UAE and public holidays affect the religious aspect.

What is Ramadan and what role does it play?

While some have fun, go to bars and clubs, evaluate the profitability of buying an apartment in Dubai and do other things, believers devote themselves to Ramadan. For Muslims, this is the most auspicious time of the year. They are of the opinion that during this time period, paradise opens, hell closes, and all evil spirits are chained. Tourists should be aware that during this period they can eat in restaurants only when the tables are covered with a special dark curtain or door. You can not eat and drink alcohol even in private cars. At the same time, the requirements for clothing and appearance of tourists remain unchanged. It is important to plan visits to museums and attractions in advance, because when Ramadan is in the United Arab Emirates, not all “points on the map” work full time.

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