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When will quarantine end in the emirates?

When will quarantine end in the emirates?

Advanced travelers can rejoice, because all the quarantine restrictions and the era of COVID-19 came to an end.

Those who come to the country to have fun, buy an apartment in Dubai, ride the longest zip-line, open their own business, visit the world's largest Ferris wheel, try exotic dishes or see the Burj Khalifa, can no longer check frantically in their pocket protective mask. Those who have been waiting for quarantine to end in the emirates can rejoice, because this day has come.

Life after COVID-19 in the UAE

As of today, it is possible to visit shopping malls, cinemas, shops, hotels, real estate agencies in Dubai without PCR tests, vaccinations or masks. All personal protective equipment and its wearing is optional in closed and open facilities. Stadiums, football fields, outdoor areas can also be visited without additional conditions. Upon arrival in the country, you do not need to be in self-isolation for two weeks, you can immediately travel around the country, walk around the emirate and move freely. Airports do not require any additional documents confirming the presence of vaccination against COVID-19.

Important nuances

Even though the era of coronavirus is over, it is important to remember that different emirates have different requirements. Therefore, it is worth clarifying on an individual basis. From November 8, 2022, PCR tests have been canceled and copies of vaccination certificates are not required to visit Dubai, regardless of the tourist's vaccination status. Travelers arriving in the UAE for the purpose of tourism must necessarily have a confirmed return ticket. People who transit the UAE do not need a PCR test only if it does not have to be presented at the final destination.

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