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Who is not allowed into the United Arab Emirates?

Who is not allowed into the United Arab Emirates?

Russian tourists have already managed to prove themselves not in the best way in all corners of the globe, but at the same time, they are still accepted by countries such as the UAE.

They come to buy an apartment in the United Arab Emirates, to relax, immorally relax. The relationship between the Promised Land and the UAE has been really tense for a long time. No less alarmed by this issue are tourists from the Russian Federation, who have already defiled their reputation, and do not want to be in a conflict situation over the hill. Therefore, it is important to understand in advance whether it is possible to travel to Israel after the United Arab Emirates and what restrictions await travelers.

What does a Russian tourist need to enter the Russian Federation?

In order not to feel like a ping-pong ball, as happens with residents of the Russian Federation in European countries, it is best not to travel. Contact real estate agencies in the UAE remotely and do not leave the country. But if the need to visit the country has not disappeared, it is important to remember the rules. For example, if a traveler is traveling to an Arab country for less than ninety days, there is no need for a visa. It should be checked that the validity of the passport expires no earlier than six months later. It is mandatory to have medical insurance. PCR tests, personal protective equipment is no longer needed. Residents of other countries must install the COVID19-DXB Smart App upon arrival.

UAE and Israel

In order to avoid innovations in the legislative framework, residents of the Russian Federation desperately go to different countries. But they can be sent back for several reasons:

  • in the provided package of documents there is no invitation of the meeting party;
  • the customs police assumes that the tourist bears risks for the country;
  • a foreign tourist cannot specifically say for what purpose he came;
  • the general way of organizing entry is violated;
  • this tourist is prohibited from visiting other states;
  • the traveler was illegally in Israel previously.

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