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Who lives in the United Arab Emirates?

Who lives in the United Arab Emirates?

The United Nations, an international intergovernmental organization, provides statistics according to which 9 million people live in the United Arab Emirates today.

There are not so many children in the country, under the age of 14 only 20% of the population. Trying to find an answer to the question of how many indigenous people are in the United Arab Emirates, tourists are surprised. Since only about 20% of the population have Emirati citizenship. There is a large expatriate workforce, in fact, 96% of the workers are foreigners. There are 200 nationalities in the emirates, most of the expats are from India, the second most popular country from which they move to the UAE is Pakistan, then Bangladesh and other Asian, European and African countries. A significant number of residents are residents of Eastern and Asian states. People from Pakistan, Iran, the Philippines, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and African countries live and build their careers here. There are few visitors from Europe here, relative to the total number of people, about 7.5%.

Foreign workers are mainly employed in the construction industry and the private sector, while UAE citizens are more involved and provide services in the public sector, as language skills play an important role here. Naturally, getting a job in a Dubai real estate agency or a medical clinic is possible only with a good knowledge of Arabic.

Public protection

Since there are very few indigenous people in the emirates, the UAE has come under some criticism in the field of human rights and civil liberties. The authorities have taken steps to protect migrant workers, women and other vulnerable groups. In 2017, for example, several changes were made to its Domestic Worker Law: a free 24/7 hotline allows workers to file complaints to fine unscrupulous employers who decide exploit the labor of visitors. Employment centers run by the Ministry of Human Resources have been set up to ensure that people use only legitimate recruitment mechanisms.

How many indigenous people are in the Arab Emirates?

Here are the main demographic indicators of the United Arab Emirates for 2023:

  • Births: 112,189
  • Died: 15,326 people.
  • Natural population growth: 96,863 people.
  • Migration population growth: 92,756 people.
  • Men: 7,090,283.
  • Women: 3,116,225.

The UAE is a great place for a safe life, gaining new knowledge, education and investment. That is why there are so many nationalities here who are fighting for their place in the sun and are confidently moving up the career ladder.

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