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Where to fly to the Emirates with children?

Where to fly to the Emirates with children?

So this long-awaited moment has come - you have a vacation, you are preparing to relax to the fullest and want it to be a real family vacation. The most important task that faces you is how to take care not only of yourself, but also of the children - if they are not bored, then you will relax too.

If you decide that you will spend your vacation in the UAE, then let's figure out which emirate to choose for a holiday with a child, and how to spend an unforgettable time.

Main resorts

When choosing a resort, focus primarily on whether it is convenient to get there, whether you want to buy a townhouse in the UAE, whether there is everything you need for leisure for both an adult and a child, and what kind of beaches are there.

  • Dubai. An ideal option that combines everything mentioned above - airport transfer, a wide range of entertainment, clean beaches, interesting sights, Russian-speaking staff, etc. This is the case when it is better to go to the emirates with a child and be sure that here you will not have to think over his activities.
  • Abu Dhabi. There are few beach hotels and beach holidays are poorly developed here. Therefore, it is better to come here for a day or two to see the Ferrari park with your child or visit the water park.
  • Ras Al Khaimah. There is not much to do here, but there are great beaches where you can swim with children, and the prices here are much lower.

Where to take the child?

Children love the lively atmosphere and of course they love swings, rides and luckily there are places in the UAE that can satisfy their interest.

  • Legoland. Lego amusement park. There is a water park and attractions.
  • Motiongate. Themed zones with characters from your favorite cartoons and several water slides.
  • Zoo in Al Ain. There is an opportunity to feed the animals and watch the lemurs.

Many people have the impression that it is much more difficult to travel to the Emirates with children than to Turkey or Egypt, although there are all conditions for a family holiday, and for a holiday where parents can also relax. And sometimes families like the comfortable living environment so much that they think about how to buy a house in the United Arab Emirates and get a resident visa.

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