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Can a woman go to the UAE on her own?

Can a woman go to the UAE on her own?

Women who plan to visit the UAE have many doubts about the safety of staying in the country and the ambiguous attitude to the female sex.

In some moments this is justified, but for the most part, it's all stereotypes and stories in the format of "spoiled radio". Nevertheless, let's look into whether you can go to the emirates alone and whether there may be any difficulties in crossing the border.

Attitudes towards women

Don`t believe the stories about the disrespectful treatment of women in the UAE. This is all an exaggeration. Yes, some like to molest, but this applies mainly to guest workers from different countries. The police and social services ensure order, and everyone who lives in the UAE knows that law enforcement agencies resolve any situation promptly.

In this country, women hold positions in government agencies and receive education and funding to develop their projects. They can afford to buy the best duplexes in the UAE and as you understand have high salaries. So it is not relevant to talk about the neglect of women and worry about whether you can go to the emirates alone and not encounter any manifestations of infringement of any rights.

How to get to the UAE?

Russians don't need a visa to travel to the UAE. Upon arrival at the airport you will be issued a tourist visa and it will be valid for 30 days. This time is quite enough to enjoy your vacation, maybe buy a loft in the UAE, and even think about moving.

A woman needs to get a permit to stay in the UAE and have a number of documents with her:

  • passport;
  • birth certificate (if it says you were born in an Arab country);
  • tickets for the return flight;
  • hotel booking confirmation;
  • medical insurance.

An important point. If the woman is under 30, she may have to show a bank statement or cash. And if under 21, the answer to the question of whether a girl can go alone to the emirates will be "no," as unaccompanied by a guardian or parent, she will not be allowed anywhere.

Of course, Middle Eastern countries have their own culture and religion, which partly dictates how they behave towards women and how women are represented in society. But it just goes to show that our world is multi-faceted and should be explored when we travel!

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