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Is it possible to import IQOS into the Emirates

Is it possible to import IQOS into the Emirates

Despite a large number of prohibitions, requirements and regulations in the UAE, the country still continues to be loyal to tourists who are used to smoking tobacco.

Of course, the best apartments in the United Arab Emirates, medical institutions, and public places do not imply such a possibility, but at the same time there is no such ban. Therefore, it is quite possible to repeat the morning ritual, go out to the hotel balcony with a cup of coffee and smoke. Now Al Kasbah in Sharjah, Al Fahidi, Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Mosque, Sheikh Zayed Mosque from the window of the apartment is quite real thanks to the services of the real estate agency of the United Arab Emirates, which is ready to help you make the best choice.

Smoking IQOS in the Emirates: basic requirements and conditions

The question of whether it is possible to bring and smoke Aykos in the Emirates worries every traveler. It is possible, but be careful. Local authorities have allocated special places and separate points where you can smoke without violating the law. There are certain restrictions in other countries, but in the UAE it is allowed to buy components, heaters, consumables and freely import them into the country. There are many shops and outlets in the country where you can buy the missing items.

Conditions for smoking IQOS

IQOS can be smoked in specific areas. For example, if a person gets an electronic cigarette in a shopping center or on the beach, in a park, he will have to pay a $545 fine. Sometimes the risk of imprisonment is inevitable. Although even earlier the amount of the fine did not exceed 140 dollars. It is forbidden to smoke Aykos in motor vehicles (even if it is a personal car), provided that there is a child under the age of twelve inside. The purchase of electronic cigarettes is also available from the age of majority.

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