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What languages are spoken in the United Arab Emirates?

What languages are spoken in the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE is a multicultural country with many nations living and working side by side. About 90% of the population are immigrants from other countries, and 10% are natives. At the same time, the largest diaspora is considered to be Indian.

Of course, it is not difficult to guess what language is spoken in the Emirates and you probably know that Arabic is the official language, but you can also hear English, French, Baluchi, Somali, Pashto, Farsi, and others in the streets. Due to the rapid development of the tourism industry language barriers are disappearing, so in the UAE almost no hotels or restaurants are left where the staff doesn`t speak Russian or English at least at a basic level.

What if I have problems with English?

Of course, knowledge of English would greatly facilitate your stay in almost any country, but as we have already said, the constant flow of tourists dictates its conditions, so many institutions, hotels, and beauty salons, use Russian to communicate with Russian-speaking tourists. Therefore don't worry about the language spoken in the United Arab Emirates, and whether you can explain anything to those around you.

Moreover, the area of real estate is as developed as the service industry, so if you want to buy an apartment in the UAE, you will not need to hire interpreters. Most representatives of this sphere know Russian enough for negotiations. Plus you can always contact a real estate agency, such as The Capital Dubai, and thus you will further simplify the process of buying property.

Also, luckily we all now have a trusty friend called an "online translator", which will partly help you not to think about what language is in the Arab Emirates and allow you to get out of situations of misunderstanding, for example when talking to salesmen or cab drivers.

Can I arrange my life in the UAE without knowing Arabic?

Suppose you decide to move to Dubai. You will be faced with going to stores, cafes, and so on. If you have children, you will probably look for a daycare center or a nanny. In absolutely all cases, you can do without knowing Arabic and English: they add pictures of dishes to the menu, and the stores have automatic cash registers. You can even find a Russian-speaking nanny or driver.

Many are still debating which language in the Emirates is considered the most common for visitors - English or Russian. But more importantly, the Emirates has become a major center of tourism and leisure, and you are sure you will not have a problem with the language. And since the profitability of buying property in Dubai is quite high and it`s a profitable investment that motivates people to come to this emirate, it`s still advised to master English, so you can feel more comfortable while communicating with others.

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