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Do Kazakhstanis need a visa to the emirates?

Do Kazakhstanis need a visa to the emirates?

In the early spring of 2018, an agreement between the UAE and Kazakhstan became relevant, according to which a visa to the emirates for citizens of Kazakhstan is not needed, since the law allows you to stay in the country for one month without additional documents and permits.

The main thing is that the trip lasts no more than thirty days. The countdown begins from the moment the tourist's passport was stamped, indicating the successful crossing of the border. A luxurious apartment in the UAE is already waiting for its guests who have come to enjoy the rays of the sun, visit famous places and ride a quad bike through the desert.

Features of the border crossing procedure

Regardless of the purpose for which a person came: to get a new job, visit a Dubai real estate agency, find love or go shopping, customs control rules are equal for everyone. Despite the fact that Kazakhstanis do not need a visa to the Emirates, the information from the visitor's passport will be entered into a common electronic database. If the tourist visits the country not for the first time, there is no need to enter data into the database for the second round. They only need to be confirmed through the E-Gate system.

What may be required additionally?

Since Kazakhstanis do not need a visa to visit the UAE, representatives of the border service can provide documents at their discretion. For example, an extract from a hotel reservation, requires you to show medical insurance or tickets for a return flight. It is important for airport staff to make sure that the traveler returns home on time. Otherwise, if the tourist plans to stay for more than thirty days, he needs to have a visa on hand or be prepared to fork out when paying a fine. For the 31st day of stay, you will have to pay 200 AED, for the next day - 100 each.

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