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Where does electricity come from in the emirates?

Where does electricity come from in the emirates?

Electricity in the UAE is mainly provided by the gas and oil industries, but there are also alternative sources that also keep electricity in the Arab Emirates afloat, allowing the population to enjoy the benefits of civilization.

Which energy sources are preferred?

The UAE is dominated by traditional sources of electricity, in particular power plants. They run on natural gas and petroleum products. At the moment, power plants produce about 75% of the energy produced and, for example, wondering where electricity comes from in the emirates, you may not even have realized that more than 50% of the natural gas that is extracted in summer goes to the power plants.

Now the emirates are also actively developing nuclear power in order to reach a level where the electric power supplied from there will account for about 25-30% of the total amount of electric power that is produced. As you can see, it is profitable to have real estate in the country which is ahead of everyone. If you are interested in how to buy a townhouse in the Arab Emirates, contact The Capital Dubai agency where they will help you to find the best properties and will take into consideration all your needs.

Alternative energy sources

The UAE has always been ahead of the curve, introducing new technologies and dictating architectural trends, increasing the desire of foreigners to buy a house in the UAE and move here. The same applies to energy sources. The Emirati authorities want to make recycled household waste an alternative source of energy. Through the use of technology synthetic gas will be "pulled out" of the garbage.

Other steps are taken that will help increase the number of alternative sources:

  • generating desert energy;
  • the use of solar and wind energy;
  • generator towers;
  • having solar panels on the roofs of buildings will be a must.

Knowing where electricity comes from in the Arab Emirates will help you keep the conversation going not only with tourists, but also with locals when you arrive in the UAE.

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