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Where does water come from in the United Arab Emirates?

Where does water come from in the United Arab Emirates?

From the desert to the metropolis, bewitching with skyscrapers and fantastic objects. This is exactly the way the emirates have done, and this fact still excites the imagination of many people.

But people built such a metropolis, and people needed at least water to exist. And here again we recall that we are talking about a desert with a 40-degree temperature. How under such conditions did they get to this mineral and where does the water come from in the United Arab Emirates, given the climate and location?

How is water produced in the UAE?

Drinking water is perhaps one of the main sources of life support, as is food. We need it literally every day. In the emirates, of course, they also produce drinking water and do it through the desalination of sea water. For this, desalination plants operate there. Some part of the water resources is extracted thanks to underground bowels, but still the main answer to the question of where fresh water comes from in the emirates will be the desalination of sea water. How it works:

  • For this flash distillation is used;
  • Sea water is heated to a certain temperature (+115 °C);
  • Further, the water evaporates and turns into drops that settle on the pipes;
  • These drops collect and receive a supply of fresh water.

This issue was taken seriously in the emirates! It even houses one of the largest desalination plants in the entire Middle East. About 2 billion sea water can pass through it every day. Since underground sources are not eternal, and no one has canceled the drought either, the above-mentioned method of extracting water remains relevant and is being improved more and more. Even if the climate situation worsens, it will be possible not to worry about where the United Arab Emirates take fresh water and how they can deal with it.

What other methods of water extraction are used in the Emirates?

It's no secret that the UAE is a very progressive country where some new technologies are constantly being introduced and working on new developments, which makes many people think about buying property in the UAE and getting closer to the city of the future. Now developments have also touched upon the issue of water production. In the summer the Emirates launched a project that allows the production of drinking water from rarefied air. After this few people will think where they get water in the United Arab Emirates and whether it is there at all.

In a successful scenario the dedicated dehumidifiers will be able to produce 6.7 liters of fresh water daily. The mechanism is not particularly complicated:

  • there are solar panels that feed the fans of the generators;
  • generators take on moist air, which then goes into the pipes. The pipes contain liquid refrigerant;
  • after entering the pipes, the air is cooled and the water vapor turns into a liquid;
  • this liquid is purified and turned into drinking water.

Thus, the UAE will be able to expand its capabilities and use not only sea water. Now you know where the water comes from in the emirates and what steps are being taken to improve the extraction of this mineral. And this is another indicator that the UAE is the place where you definitely need to come or even buy real estate there.

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