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Why don't they drink alcohol in the Emirates

Why don't they drink alcohol in the Emirates

Many Russian tourists are wondering if it is possible to drink in the emirates and are surprised that in civilized countries no one shouts all over the street, walks with an open bottle and does not smell of fumes.

Before thinking about how to steal another towel from a hotel, how to buy an apartment in the UAE, it is important to get one step closer to the civilized world and understand why the country's residents have a different upbringing, comprehend their attitude towards alcohol and reconsider their views.

Prohibition in the UAE, what is it like?

Of course, as such, there is no ban on the sale, purchase of alcohol. But local rules, religion and faith forbid drinking to unconsciousness, in fact, this is the main answer to the question of why they don’t drink in the emirates and keep within the bounds of decency. Here it will not work out to feel “heartfelt and at home”, because the adequacy and culture in the country come first.

Religious reasons

Islam is the main reason. Visiting the airport, a real estate agency in Dubai, a store - everywhere you can see places for prayer. Religion plays an important role in this country. According to Islam, alcoholic beverages:

  • turn a person into a pig (a state in Eastern Europe and North Asia can demonstrate this phenomenon);
  • breaks the relationship with Allah;
  • makes a person act contrary to moral norms;
  • fogs the mind.

If a tourist feels that there is no more strength to hold on, he can resort to exceptions to the rules. In order not to run into the police, not be deported or not go to jail, you need to follow the rules. For example, drink only in places where it is allowed: restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes. Do not go out while intoxicated. And if there is a need to go out in public - do not shout all over the street, do not sing and refrain from using obscene expressions in Russian. Because they are well known to people in uniform.

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