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Weather in the United Arab Emirates in winter

Weather in the United Arab Emirates in winter

What do you associate winter with? Surely if you were asked this question, you would answer that with snow smoothly falling to the ground.

With snowdrifts that you constantly want to push with your foot and with ice that you want to ride on, as in childhood. But not everywhere in this period you can find something like this. For example, the winter period in the desert, in the UAE, is completely different. Perhaps you are just about to go there for the New Year holidays or even move to an apartment in Dubai, then you are probably wondering what the weather is like in the emirates in winter, and whether it is comfortable to be there at this time of the year.

Without snow and sub-zero temperatures

Of course, there is no snow in the Emirates, except perhaps in the indoor ski complex Ski Dubai, where they recreated a real winter Switzerland. It is a little windy in the UAE in winter, and the air temperature reaches +25 °C during the day and +18 °C at night.

Rains also appear during this period more often than usual, but not so much as to spoil your stay in this country. In fact, it`s much more comfortable to exist in the United Arab Emirates in winter - you can walk around the city, enjoy the views of Dubai and not suffer from the scorching sun and dry air.

There are other advantages of winter in the UAE:

  • the opportunity to get a bronze tan even in January. There is little sun, but still it is there and it is quite enough to get a light tan;
  • access to the sea and pools. The water is cool, but not icy. If you put aside the wind, which becomes a frequent occurrence in January and makes you a little cold when you get out of the water, then you will be able to swim. Heated pools in hotels will be a good alternative if the water in the bay is very cold and the temperature in the emirates in winter spoils your swimming plans;
  • a small number of people. In winter tourists can be seen in the UAE, but not as much as in summer or spring. If you want to fence yourself off from a large number of people, then come at this time;
  • discounts in shopping centers. Quite a weighty item for shopaholics. In January, a period of sales, wild discounts and a large-scale Shopping Festival starts in Dubai.

Many people travel to the UAE in January because of this bargain shopping option. By the way, about clothes. For the winter period in the UAE, shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, hoodies are suitable and this is more like a wind protection. You will feel quite comfortable in a light shirt! If you focus on how many degrees are in the United Arab Emirates in winter, then you don`t need especially warm clothes, such as sweaters.

What to do in the UAE in winter?

Winter is not a hindrance to outdoor activities, especially given the wide range of entertainment in the UAE. You can go to the desert and snowboard on the sand dunes. Or choose a more classic option - a camel ride. Those wishing to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and culture of the Emirates are advised to go to the Arabian Nights ethnographic village, which is located near Abu Dhabi. There you will have the opportunity to experience the Bedouin culture and learn more about the history of the Emirates.

As you can see, it's not so important how many degrees are in the emirates in winter, because it's much more important that there is an extensive range of entertainment for every taste and they can be combined with the study of the culture and authenticity of the UAE. Considering the emirates as a potential place for relocation or investment is also necessary, and we have just collected the best real estate options in Dubai / UAE on our website. You can familiarize yourself with them right now and if something interests you, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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