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Who borders the United Arab Emirates?

Who borders the United Arab Emirates?

Going to another country on vacation or considering it as a future place of residence, a person is often looking for information that will allow him to get a general picture about this place.

In this case, that place is the United Arab Emirates. Before the trip, it is worth finding out with whom the United Arab Emirates borders, and what traditions and cultural characteristics prevail there. Shall we start?

Where is the UAE located?

If we look at the map we will see that the emirates are located on the Arabian Peninsula and border on Saudi Arabia, Oman and Iran. 50 km to the northwest is Qatar, another neighbor of this state and these are all countries with which the United Arab Emirates borders.

The UAE consists of the following emirates:

  • Dubai;
  • Abu Dhabi;
  • Fujairah;
  • Sharjah;
  • Umm el Quwain;
  • Ras Al Khaimah;
  • Ajman.

The main part of the territory of the UAE is the Rub Al Khali desert, and in the east of the country it is replaced by the Al Hajar mountain range. Analyzing who the emirates border with, it can be argued that this is the most democratic country and the idea of ​​buying property in Dubai seems so attractive to everyone for a reason. Despite the trail of religion and old traditions, there is a place for new, progressive views on the development of the emirates.

General geography of the UAE

The so-called "seas" of the emirates are the very thing that attracts tourists from all over the world. Most hotels are built near the Persian Gulf and sea routes pass through it. And in general, the idea of ​​buying property in the UAE comes to many precisely because of the presence of the "sea". Even locals are thinking about how to buy apartments in the UAE or a penthouse with a view of the canal.

Oil tankers and bulk carriers also move through the bay. In the context of who the Arab Emirates borders on, this is an important logistics hub, as a lot of transported goods are delivered through it. As for the population, about 85% are visitors, emigrants from other countries who came to work. The rest are ethnic Arabs. In general in the UAE, roots and pedigree are highly valued. Children of local residents receive an impressive welfare package - a piece of land, free education, and so on. But if the children are from a mixed marriage, then they will not see all this.

Also, the UAE is part of the anti-terrorist coalition, so itёs not so important with whom the Arab Emirates border - they have opposed and continue to oppose extremism and want to maintain stable economic relations with everyone. While other countries drag each other into conflicts, the emirates prosper and build a large-scale empire of the future.

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