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How much money is given at birth in the United Arab Emirates

How much money is given at birth in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE attracts tourists from all over the world. Some of them come to the country for a few days to relax with their families, some are looking for opportunities to earn money, do business and invest.

At the same time, there is another category of people - who want to stay longer in the state, start a family and are already interested in what a child born in the United Arab Emirates gets, what are the benefits and prospects. Of course, everything here is designed for the comfort, safety and tranquility of residents. Those wishing to obtain residency want to know how much they pay for the first child in the United Arab Emirates and what kind of support is provided by the country.

Is it profitable to give birth in the UAE?

Of course, the answer is yes. One of the richest countries in the world can be proud of its proposals. For example, everyone living here has the right by law to receive land free of charge. By contacting the municipality or other administrative representations. In addition to land, financial support is also provided in the form of 60 thousand dollars for a born child. All that remains for a newborn is to reach the age of majority, apply to a real estate agency in Dubai and not worry about their future, having everything they need for comfort.

Pitfalls of payments and rewards

A UAE resident can only be born into a family of UAE citizens. Comparing with the general population of the state, there are less than 1/3 of them. They have very wide financial privileges. This category of people can afford to buy a penthouse in Dubai, work here or live without restrictions. Among the other bonuses - even before the marriage, the future husband and wife can become owners of an interest-free loan, having received it from the Marriage Fund of the country. This is approximately 40 thousand dollars for a couple. At the same time, repaying the loan is not so necessary. As soon as the wife and husband have a child, the loan automatically receives the status of paid.

Profits from oil and gas and the small number of citizens who can exploit their benefits make it possible for the country to also open a deposit account to secure the future of the baby. Closer to adulthood, about 100 thousand dollars will accumulate there. Despite impressive amounts of state support, about 15% of residents do not use loans, payments or deposits for the birth of a child, since their savings are quite enough.

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