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How much for a child in the emirates

How much for a child in the emirates

Residents of the Russian Federation, as a rule, are aimed at earning. Russians are very hardworking and resourceful. Some - confiscate plumbing, electronics from residents of neighboring countries for the purpose of resale.

While others are thinking about making money on their offspring. If the family of the deceased receives only 1,000 rubles for the death of a child on Ukrainian lands, then the answer to the question of how much they pay in the Emirates for the birth of a child may arouse interest in resorting to this particular method of earning.

Great option for earning income

Luxurious living, clean streets, ultra-modern buildings - this is what makes people's hearts beat faster. The information that the average salary of a teacher is about five thousand dollars will make any person become a first-class philologist. Thinking about his potential income, a person begins to imagine how he will calculate the profitability of buying an apartment in the UAE in the near future, riding a convertible and waking up from the sound of waves outside the window.

It is noteworthy that not only active workers are encouraged, but also young families, so everyone who knows what they give in the United Arab Emirates at the birth of a child will be in the black. Pleasant benefits and solid cash benefits are the reason to give birth to a child in the state on the Arabian Peninsula. For this you can get 50 thousand dollars. But at the same time, fabulous money is not paid to everyone in a row. It is critical that parents meet several basic conditions. For example, tourists cannot receive funds. To earn money, it is important to obtain the status of a native resident.

Pleasant bonuses from the state for young families

Elite real estate agencies in the United Arab Emirates often talk about how young families turn to them for help. This is due to the fact that in addition to a one-time payment, the authorities provide an opportunity to apply to the UAE Marriage Fund and become the owner of a full-fledged autonomous housing. A young family receives an interest-free loan, which they undertake to repay for thirty years. But at the same time, if at least three children are born in the family, then the loan will automatically be considered repaid.

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