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How much money should I take with me to the UAE?

How much money should I take with me to the UAE?

No doubt this question can be considered rhetorical. As you know, there is never much money, but still it is more about what you can afford - a holiday in an ordinary hotel or five-star or even in the best duplex in the UAE; move around the city in an expensive car or the metro, beach holiday or vacation, which includes all kinds of entertainment.

All of this directly affects how much money to take to the emirates and how much you end up spending.

UAE currency

The Arabian dirham is the national currency in the UAE and the best part is that the exchange rate of the dirham is almost always stable. The currency bills depict famous buildings, mosques or symbols of significance to the Arab world.

Not all currencies are accepted in the country, but you will never loose with dirhams and dollars. Dirhams are accepted everywhere. Keep this in mind when planning how much money to bring to the UAE and in what currency. By the way, to change the currency on arrival is better not at the airport, and in a bank, because there underestimate the rate. You can also use the exchange office in the hotel, but it is often very low rate, so it is better to travel or go to the bank or exchange offices on the streets or shopping center.

Spending in the UAE

If we ignore the extra expenses that appear on the horizon when people come to some country for holiday (shopping, going to restaurants, buying souvenirs, renting or buying a loft in the UAE) then on the whole people spend money on the things they can`t do without. And he would spend money on the same things in his home country. What is the situation with spending on basic things in the UAE? Let's break down the most popular needs, so you know how much money to take in the Emirates and be prepared for anything.

  • Transportation. If you plan to move around the city by public transport, in principle, your budget will not suffer much. A cab ride will cost you on average 5-8 dirhams (that's just boarding) and an additional 2-2,2 dirhams per kilometer. Each emirate has its own minimum fare, so check in advance. Since Dubai has a subway, it is best to choose this transportation option. It is cheaper, especially in the context of how much money to take with you in the emirates.
  • Tickets. If you find yourself in the UAE, you will definitely be taking some excursions or exploring the sights on your own. Many of them are free, and for visiting some sites you will have to pay a symbolic amount, which is especially appreciated by tourists.
  • Restaurants. Depending on the level of the restaurant and its location, prices vary. You can eat out away from the center on a budget, but if you want to have dinner with a view of the Burj Khalifa Tower, then one dish can cost you 240 dirhams.

Choosing how much money to take in the Arab Emirates, be guided by the scale with which you are ready to relax there. Although the UAE has a touch of wealth and luxury, you can still do without the exorbitant costs and still have a good time.

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