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How many cities are there in the Emirates?

How many cities are there in the Emirates?

The UAE has long been the place where tourists go almost every year and in different seasons. Russian-speaking staff, luxury hotels and a huge number of attractions have made the UAE as accessible as possible.

But you must admit that it is strange to travel to a country and know practically nothing about it. So you can not fully penetrate into the culture and life of the state. So just knowing how many cities in the United Arab Emirates is not enough - you need to understand what religion and traditions are there, so you can take away with you the spirit of the country and tell your friends about where you've been.

How many emirates are there in the UAE?

In a historical context, the UAE is considered a young country, less than 50 years old. Once upon a time, the emirates freed themselves from British pressure and took an incredible step towards the development of the economy and technology. Of course, oil also contributed to this.

Now there are 7 emirates in the UAE. But each emirate is not just a separate city, but an absolute monarchy. Perhaps the main and most noticeable feature of the country is that it consists of a desert. At the same time, there are no problems with water, since fresh water is obtained through the desalination of seawater. Even despite the number of cities in the emirates, there have been no problems with providing water to all residents.

Almost all major cities are located on the coast of the Oman and Persian Gulfs, and thanks to this, having a car, you can go around all the emirates, moving exclusively along the coast, and also buy a loft in the United Arab Emirates right by the canal and enjoy the splash of the waves whenever you want. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most popular among tourists and these emirates are most often chosen as potential places to move. There are many vacancies, opportunities to open your own business and a promising real estate market that is constantly growing. And given how many cities there are in the United Arab Emirates, you yourself can imagine what prospects open up for all visitors.

What do I need to know about Dubai?

Dubai is considered the largest settlement in the emirates and at the same time one of the most democratic. The constant influx of tourists has made this city modern and not as closed as some other emirates. It develops by attracting foreign investment, tourism, and of course, do not forget about oil. Think for yourself - how many cities in the emirates have not yet fully opened to tourists due to religious and cultural norms, while Dubai is increasingly gaining the attention of foreigners.

The main pluses of this emirate are:

  • Freedom of behavior for those who come here. This does not mean that everyone goes only in short skirts and shorts, although in areas such as Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah you can afford such a "dress code", as there live mostly expats. Perhaps because of this including many visitors are interested in how to buy a duplex in the Arab Emirates and get a residence visa;
  • There are many economic zones that lure businessmen;
  • Rapidly growing real estate market;
  • Convenient infrastructure. Almost every point can be reached by high-speed subway.

Now you know how many cities in the Arab Emirates, and you can draw conclusions about what successes this country has managed to achieve in absolutely all spheres, and almost in every emirate.

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