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How many degrees is the water in the Emirates?

How many degrees is the water in the Emirates?

Everyone who comes to rest in a country where there is a sea, especially in the emirates, is interested in whether the water is warm in the sea, is it convenient to enter the sea, how to buy property in the UAE, and so on.

Accordingly, if you are flying to the UAE, you want to understand what the water temperature is in the emirates in order to have an idea of whether you will be comfortable. We'll talk about this.

Sea in December

In winter, the temperature of the water in the sea drops slightly, but it remains comfortable. At the beginning of December, the temperature stays at 24°C, and at the end of the month it drops to 21°C, so if you asked what the water temperature is now in the United Arab Emirates, the thermometer would show 24-25°C. Despite this, people swim in the bay and even on New Year's Eve, tourists gather by the sea to spend the old year and swim, leaving all the negativity behind. Also in December there is practically no wind and waves, the sea becomes calm and quiet.

Sea or ocean?

Often people get confused and think that in the UAE there is only the sea or only the ocean. But in fact, the emirates are washed by the sea, and the ocean, and the bay. And all the reservoirs are interconnected, which also affects the water temperature in the emirates, and what currents pass there.

The government of the United Arab Emirates is actively building water channels filled with sea water so that the land becomes more fertile, sandstorms become less, more foreigners were eager to buy a townhouse in Dubai, and cities continued to develop at a rapid pace.

By the way, in January, divers can see the beautiful underwater world of the UAE. There is:

  • sea Horses;
  • giant turtles;
  • octopuses;
  • lionfish;
  • barracudas.

Don't delay your trip, see how many degrees it is in the United Arab Emirates now, pack your bags and swim in the warm waters of the Oman and Persian Gulfs!

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