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How many sheiks are there in the United Arab Emirates?

How many sheiks are there in the United Arab Emirates?

At the head of any state is a leader. In our country, this is the president, and in the UAE, it is the sheik. We are accustomed to calling Arab rulers sheiks, although this title is given at birth to all who belong to the royal family in the countries of the Middle East.

If you recreate an approximate portrait of a sheik, then this is an adult man, most often over 40 years old, who has great fortune and respect in society behind him. Since the UAE is divided into 7 separate territories, many are interested in how many sheiks there are in the United Arab Emirates and how they govern them. Ready to tell you about it!

Sheiks - who are they?

Being a sheik does not mean simply walking around in expensive clothes, living in a palace, and greeting citizens at public events. Such a title entails extensive knowledge of the religion of Islam and the Koran. It is also possible to become a sheik after completing studies at a university of Islamic studies and lectures. In this way, the UAE is trying to show that the title does not have to be a given and that it can be achieved through one's efforts. As you understand, the number of emirates affects how many sheiks are in the emirates. Seven emirates are seven sheiks and royal families. Impressive oil reserves contribute to the fact that some sheiks have made the list of the richest billionaires in the world. By the way, you too can get to this land of wealth and luxury. 

The Sheikh who left his mark

More than once during your stay in the UAE you will come across the mention of Sheikh Zayd. For example:

  • In Abu Dhabi and Fujairah a mosque is named after him;
  • In Dubai it is the name of the main highway.

This can be explained by the contribution he made to the development of the state. He was the first president of the country and he managed to squeeze the maximum pluses out of the oil revenues and direct them to the creation of a rich and stable state. Thanks to him no one could call the Emirates a third-world country. 

It does not matter how many sheiks are in the Arab Emirates and what is their condition. The main thing is the result of their rule. And since all the emirates are prosperous, there is not the slightest doubt - the sheiks care about the future of the country and the people who live there.

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