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How much does it cost to eat in the United Arab Emirates?

How much does it cost to eat in the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE attracts tourists from all over the world with its incredible skyscrapers, unique culture, luxurious villas and townhouses in the United Arab Emirates and, of course, delicious food.

Oriental cuisine itself is very different from the cuisine of the CIS countries, so foreigners coming to the UAE want to try all the dishes as soon as possible and experience this contrast.

Popular food

Emirati cuisine is an assortment of different cuisines. There are also notes of Persian cuisine, as well as Asian, Bedouin and Middle Eastern. Spices and the addition of flatbread are the main highlights of this cuisine.

You can start your acquaintance with her with such goodies:

  • falafel or chickpea balls that resemble meat;
  • manakish. This is a cheese that is baked in a tortilla;
  • hummus. Appetizer of tahini paste and chickpeas, which are boiled for a long time;
  • shawarma. This is fried meat served in pita bread with vegetables;
  • guzi. Lamb meat seasoned with raisins and nuts.

For national food, it is better to immediately go to restaurants and cafes where there is an inscription "emirati cuisine" so that you can try exactly what the locals eat.

Food prices

There's plenty to go around. It all depends on where you want to eat - in a restaurant and which one, in a hotel or cook something by yourself. Perhaps you are a fast food lover and you only eat at McDonald's. Then for lunch for one you will have to pay from 22 dirhams. And if you want to take a slice of a luxurious life and dine at the most expensive restaurant in the world called Al Mahara, then it will cost you about 1,000 dirhams. Let's dwell on how much a lunch in the United Arab Emirates costs in an ordinary cafe - you can eat on the buffet system for 250-270 dirhams.

But you can always save. For example, selling a house in Dubai/UAE is considered to be a good option for raising capital. But back to budget food! Go to Chinese and Indian restaurants, avoid tourist areas where prices go up, and go to food markets where food is cheaper to buy. So you will significantly reduce costs, and get acquainted with the national cuisine of the Emirates.

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