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How much does a tour to the United Arab Emirates cost?

How much does a tour to the United Arab Emirates cost?

Entertainment for every taste, luxury hotels and the feeling that you are in the future that never leaves you - the emirates can boast of all this and that is why tourists don`t stop coming here and increasingly evaluate the profitability of buying a duplex in Dubai, considering this place as a potential home for families.

Go to the UAE in the winter and walk around all the famous places with a comfortable temperature, or fly there in the summer and experience the full power of the sun? The choice is yours. Surely you will start from how much a tour to the United Arab Emirates costs and when it is much cheaper to fly there. Let's find out more about this?

Hotels dictate prices

It is no secret to anyone that the cost of the tour is affected, among other things, in which hotel you will live. If your choice falls on a premium class hotel like Hilton Dubai Creek 5* or Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana 5*, then the price will increase for obvious reasons. In doing so, you will get the best service and the best vacation.

The high tourist season falls in the winter-spring period, as at this time the comfortable temperature is kept at +25 ˚С. For example, the best option is October-May. As long as it rains outside your window, you will fall into the warm embrace of the emirates. And if you ever decide to buy a loft in the UAE, you can hide in it from the unpleasant winter and autumn typical of the CIS countries.

Is it boring in the UAE?

No and one more time no. It never gets boring here! In the first two days, you will relax by the sea and swim plenty, but then you can start exploring the best sights of the country:

  • Jumeirah Mosque;
  • Ski Dubai;
  • Al Huan Palace;
  • Palm Islands;
  • the Ferrari theme park;
  • singing fountains;
  • Burj Khalifa tower.

You can actively spend time by choosing a jeep or camel safari through the desert, or preferring surfing and diving among the picturesque corals and the incredible marine world. Eastern fairy tale is waiting for you! Book a tour and go on an adventure that the UAE has prepared for you.

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