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How much does a tour to the Emirates cost?

How much does a tour to the Emirates cost?

A fairy tale that everyone wants to get into - dazzling skyscrapers, snow-white beaches, towers from the future and luxury at every turn. All this can be summed up in one word - UAE.

It attracts tourists from all over the world with the opportunity not only to relax by the sea in a luxurious duplex in the United Arab Emirates, but also to look at architectural wonders and experience a high level of service. For many, a trip to the United Arab Emirates means getting to know a culture that connects several worlds at once - a world of established Muslim rules and a trail of democracy that appeared thanks to foreigners who stayed to live in this country.

Where is the UAE located?

The Emirates are located on the Arabian Peninsula, in the southwest, on the shores of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. The UAE is a federation of 7 emirates with the capital city of Abu Dhabi. Other cities:

  • Ajman;
  • Dubai;
  • Ras Al Khaimah;
  • Umm Al Quwain;
  • Fujairah;
  • Sharjah.

The second emirate is considered one of the most progressive and is known for the largest shopping center in the world, the gold market, the best lofts in Dubai / UAE and the singing fountains near the Burj Khalifa tower. By the way, the cost of a trip to the United Arab Emirates is directly affected by the number of popular tourist sites, so a trip to this emirate can cost you more than others.

Since the UAE is an eastern country with its own traditions and culture, you should carefully study them before your arrival. For example, walking in shorts, short skirts, transparent clothes or with a deep neckline is undesirable here. This is considered unacceptable and you may even be deported for violating this rule. And given that the price of a ticket to the United Arab Emirates is not so small, you would not want your trip to be interrupted, so follow all the rules and respect them.

Tours in the UAE

It is most advantageous to fly to the emirates out of season. You will not lose anything, since the air temperature, on the contrary, will be more comfortable, and there are not so many tourists at this time. In winter, a large number of last-minute tours appear, so don't delay your trip, ask travel agencies how much tours to the United Arab Emirates cost and go to enjoy the oriental flavor.

Comfortable hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, clean sandy beaches await you. In winter, most of the entertainment remains available for tourists - water sports, scooter and yacht riding, skiing and snowboarding in the Mall of the Emirates. Prices vary depending on the resort, the level of the hotel, the number of days you will spend in the UAE. If you want to stay in one of the luxury hotels like Atlantis The Palm or Jumeirah Beach Hotel, then it's better not to think about how much it costs to travel to the United Arab Emirates and just let yourself be immersed in the atmosphere of opulence and premium lifestyle.

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