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How much does an emirates visa cost

How much does an emirates visa cost

To be or not to be? To make or not to get a visa to the emirates, what is the right thing to do? Many tourists, for whom a structured approach and rational thinking are a priority, are used to thinking ahead and taking care of all the nuances.

Everything should be perfect on a trip, no matter what a person has planned, whether to buy a villa in the UAE or visit an amusement park. Understanding whether Russians need a visa to the Emirates will help to avoid unexpected failures. Fortunately, the emirates are as loyal as possible even to tourists of a terrorist country. Russians may not apply for a visa in advance. Arriving at any airport in the state, travelers can get a visa on the spot absolutely free of charge.

What do you need to get a visa?

If you go to the website of a real estate agency in Dubai, a hotel resource, or contact the embassy, ​​the first thing it will say is that before the expiration of the traveler's passport, it is important that at least six months remain. A visa can be granted for a total of ninety days. A visa of this format looks like a regular stamp, which is put in the passport by border guards. All travelers, especially those who have arrived from the Russian Federation, must undergo a retinal scan procedure, which lasts a couple of seconds.

Visa for a long period

If a traveler from a terrorist country is determined to flee his state, he is interested in whether Russians need a visa to the Emirates for a longer period. In this case, you will have to fork out. The price is $80 for both a child and an adult. The procedure for obtaining a visa can be carried out at the embassy.

A person should have one color copy of the page of a foreign passport with a photo and information about a tourist in jpg-format. Additionally, you need to provide a digital version of the photo in good quality so that the size does not exceed 40 kb. The main thing is to take care of the exact filling of the questionnaire in English and check the correctness of the entered data. Sending documents is reproduced via email.

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