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How much does it cost to live in the Emirates?

How much does it cost to live in the Emirates?

The UAE is considered an expensive country. Those who want to save money don't come here, because they know that the prices for both accommodation and food in the United Arab Emirates are quite high.

The title of the most expensive emirates was given to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but there are also all conditions for the transition to a standard of living where you don’t have to worry about prices - the opportunity to open a business, a large-scale real estate market, a field of vacancies and so on.


Asking the question of what is the cost of living in the United Arab Emirates, everyone has in mind, first of all, housing. You want to come here and not waste all the finances on the best houses in Dubai / UAE, and buy or rent real estate competently, perhaps even making money on it. In any case, if you want to find a budget option for the first time, then buy or rent apartments on the outskirts of Dubai.

Of course, the cost of apartments depends on other factors:

  • area;
  • housing area;
  • year of construction;
  • number of rooms;
  • the presence or absence of repair.

If your business is thriving and everything is in order with your money, then consider buying a townhouse in the United Arab Emirates in the popular areas of Jumeirah Beach Residences or Dubai Marina.

Food in the UAE

We found out how much it costs to live in the emirates in terms of housing, but what about food? Those who don't like to cook will be able to eat in cafes and restaurants in the UAE. For example, dinner in a restaurant will cost about 150-200 dirhams. And in ordinary establishments, like our canteens, you can eat for 30 dirhams. But lovers of home cooking will not have to grieve in the UAE. Products are available in supermarkets, prices are slightly above average, so you can cook at home.

Approximate prices:

  • a dozen eggs - 10 dirhams;
  • cereals - from 7 dirhams per 1 kg;
  • water - 2.50 dirhams per 1.5 l;
  • fruits and vegetables - from 5 dirhams per 1 kg.

Thinking about how much it costs to live in the emirates, it seems that if you are not a sheik, then you cannot survive there. Although this is just a country with its own specifics, a different standard of living and other opportunities.

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