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How many wives can you have in the emirates

How many wives can you have in the emirates

When people trying to Google how many wives are allowed in the United Arab Emirates, people most often come across the number 4.

Polygamy is more common among expatriates living in the northern emirates compared to other emirates in the UAE, according to statistics released by federal courts. Last year, courts in Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Fujairah issued marriage certificates to 388 men who already had more than one wife. Such “families” buy a villa in Dubai and live together. Every Arab man has a harem, since the Koran officially allows four wives.

Polygamy in the modern world

Family legal advisors, indigenous people, Muslims and people who have taken a job with a real estate agency in the United Arab Emirates say the concept of polygamy is a common cultural and religious practice in Arab and Muslim countries. A man who decides to have more than one wife must be able to take care of everyone financially and give enough attention. This is a huge responsibility, and marriage can have serious consequences. If in the Russian Federation adultery is a common thing, then the answer to the question of how many wives you can have in the Emirates directly depends on how much attention a man can afford to pay to his half or, possibly, a quarter. Sharia allows Muslim men to have multiple wives only if they can perform their duties skillfully.

What has changed today?

In the past, grandparents and great-grandparents accepted and welcomed the practice as long as the man promises to treat his wives equally. Women are now more vocal about their opinions and desire not to follow this path, which they believe will affect the strength of the family. Religion gives men the right to have more than one wife, but subject to equality between all wives. But the men of the modern generation will not be able to follow the religious trend, so no matter how many wives it is possible to have in the United Arab Emirates, they will neglect the rules. Like it or not, the rate of polygamy is declining and will eventually die because men of current and future generations show little interest in the practice, mainly due to changing mindsets and lifestyles.

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