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Which emirate should you visit in January

Which emirate should you visit in January

Many tourists are interested in where it is better to relax in the Emirates in January and how to spend your winter vacation to good use. Some decide to exchange the Christmas tree, their traditional table, consisting of Olivier, tangerines and champagne, for the celebration of the New Year in a country with eternal warmth.

January has the mildest weather of the year, making it a popular time of year to visit Dubai and its many outdoor activities and natural attractions. The first week after the New Year is still quite busy, but there will be less crowds in Dubai until the end of January than it usually happens in December, making this month the perfect time to visit.

The weather is pretty cool for water activities - some water parks may close at the end of the month for annual renovations - but there's plenty more to enjoy without the sweltering heat that comes with the summer months. In order to enjoy all the seasons, you can buy a penthouse in the UAE and find out for yourself which emirates you like - summer, autumn, winter or spring.

It is worth noting that in January 2022, the UAE is switching to a working week from Monday to Friday - many activities previously advertised as “weekends” (Friday/Saturday) will now move to Saturday and Sunday.

Average weather in Dubai in January

Dubai, the busiest emirate, boasts the following temperatures. For example, the average daily maximum temperature in Dubai in January is 24.2°C (76°F), while the nighttime average is 14.6°C (58°C). In January, you should expect sea temperatures to average 23.9°C (75°C). The maximum sea temperature is predicted from 25.9 °C (77°F), the minimum - 22°C (73°F). Rain and fog usually occur in January. As a rule, it is impossible to prepare for them, but if it rains, it is important to find shelter quickly, since the rain is merciless here. Fog usually starts at night and disappears in the morning - this is worth considering if a person is planning an early morning visit to the Burj Khalifa.

Other resorts in the UAE

To figure out where it is better to relax in the Emirates in January, you should look at the weather conditions of all cities and compare (the first indicator is air temperature, the second is water):

  • Dubai +24°С, +21°С;
  • Abu Dhabi +24°С, +21°С;
  • Sharjah +24°С, +22°С;
  • Fujairah +23°С, +22°С;
  • Ajman +24°С, +22°С;
  • Ras Al Khaimah +24°С, +22°С;
  • Umm al-Qaiwain +23°С, +21°С.

Visiting real estate sites in the UAE, tourists are lost where and when to relax. Because the sun is shining with might and main, but there is no such heat as in summer. In the daytime it is warm - up to +24°C, and in the evening the temperature does not fall below +19°C. According to reviews, after the winter cold, travelers feel like in a fairy tale. Those who have not adapted to high temperatures are even hot. Conditions for sunbathing are quite good, but being under direct rays, it is quite easy to warm up. When choosing the best place to travel, you need to understand your plans, vacation style and get to know the reviews.

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