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How much does it cost to live in the Emirates?

How much does it cost to live in the Emirates?

The UAE has turned from a desert into a large-scale metropolis, which is also called a major financial center. Big deals are concluded here, unique hotels and skyscrapers are being built, and influential and wealthy businessmen want to buy a house in the United Arab Emirates, who want to not only maintain, but also increase their capital.

This place attracts money and success, so it's not surprising that everyone is interested in how much housing in the emirates costs, because this is an opportunity to touch a completely different life - a life of a new level, offering bright prospects.

Areas and prices

Real estate prices in the UAE are formed depending on various factors - the area, infrastructure, transport interchange, the investment policy of the Emirates authorities. Thanks to flexible laws, visitors and foreigners can register ownership under the name of freehold, find out the price of an apartment in the United Arab Emirates and buy property in special zones. These zones attract international capital and investment and are popular with foreigners.

The most frequently chosen areas are:

  • Dubai Marina. An artificial harbor, offices, luxury residential complexes, a beautiful boulevard near the waterfront, restaurants, shopping centers - all this makes it incredibly comfortable to live in and increases demand among visitors. Average cost per square meter off-plan: $11,263.
  • Jumeirah. This is a corner of luxury complexes, luxury villas and ideal beaches. Near Jumeirah, artificial islands of World Islands are located, where new areas appear. If you are interested in how much an apartment in the United Arab Emirates costs in this area, then the average cost per square meter off-plan is $6,345.
  • Business Bay. It is called the business center of Dubai. In fact, this is one of the main financial centers and, of course, there are many offices and commercial real estate. But there is also residential real estate, which is most often bought by foreigners who have a business in Business Bay. Thus, they combine work and family life. Since you will definitely be interested in how much an apartment in the Emirates in Business Bay costs, we will immediately answer: the average price of off-plan housing is $499,277.

Expensive housing

Villas and townhouses are in demand among locals and foreigners, as this is a great opportunity to live in the city, but at the same time have your own island of tranquility with a swimming pool, private courtyard and barbecue area. In general, the profitability of buying a townhouse in the United Arab Emirates is affected by where it is located.

For example, the average cost is kept at the level of 1.5-4.5 million dollars. The most expensive townhouses and villas are located on Palm Jumeirah. The number of real estate transactions in the UAE is constantly increasing, and there are more and more people who want to touch this "oriental fairy tale"!

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